I'm so glad you've landed here. I love to share my passion for writing!


The most common question I get after I tell people I'm a writer is, "What do you write?"


Books are my first love and I've written two so far. I write young adult / new adult / women's lit novels. I am also lucky in that I get to write at my 'day job', too. There I write press releases, human interest stories and pretty much whatever else anyone asks me to write.


Come on in, take a look around, make yourself at home.  

(Really, take your shoes off, stay a while!) 


You'll find a page for each of the books I've written, a page with some pretty important stuff about raising awareness againt domestic violence, and another with links to a lot of the articles I've written. (I've gotten to write about some amazing people, really worth taking a look!)


There's also a page with a little info about me, in case you were wondering.. and lastly is the contact page so you can give me a shout!


Oh, I almost forgot! The buttons along the top will lead you to my social media pages, which is an even faster way to catch up with what I'm doing.  


Stop back soon.

My writing career seems to be moving faster than ever, so things are always changing!